Effectively Communicating the Need for Afterschool

ACT Now held a webinar to provide information on how to effectively communicate the need for afterschool programs. This webinar covers common communication misconceptions, how to tailor your message to different stakeholders, and evidence-based messaging practices that have been proven to be effective in the afterschool space.

Webinar Slidesbit.ly/2Rov0IO

Webinar Recordingbit.ly/2RmdBjP

In addition to the webinar, ACT Now developed a customizable messaging template to help guide you through the process of effectively communicating the need for afterschool programs. This template should be tailored to fit your program. ACT Now is here to provide support if you have questions along the way.

Messaging Templatebit.ly/2RPGA4L

Sample Completed Templatebit.ly/2MzcJra