Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Youth

On September 6, 2018, the Governor’s Children Cabinet met in Springfield, IL. The Cabinet heard a presentation on the Illinois College2Career Project, an online resource to help youth and adults ready to make college and career transitions find the best fit school in Illinois, and on the Transitional Math Project. The Cabinet also discussed several other projects it is working on:

  • CCAP: Looking at self-sufficiency data for families that use CCAP.  Found that overall there were gains in self-sufficiency but the individual families’ gains varied widely. 
  • Dual Systems Involved Youth: Discussed the need to connect these youth to afterschool programs with youth not in the system.  
  • Mentoring Project: Working on an online platform for their work.

The meeting materials can be found here. The next Children’s Cabinet meeting will be on December 13th

Past Cabinet Meetings

June 7, 2018

You can find details and materials from the meeting here

The Cabinet received updates on its projects. The multi-system involved youth project will focus on inter-agency collaboration to solve problems identified by youth. The mentoring project will consist of a mentoring scan, toolkit, and matching process. Parts of the transitional math and high school equivalency project are expected to be adopted by ISBE next week. The CCAP research project has hit some obstacles due to legal and procurement issues.

March 8,2018

You can find details and materials from the meeting here.

The Cabinet provided updates on its three current initiatives: reducing lead burden; increasing the early childhood workforce; and improving readiness for work through apprenticeships. The Cabinet also reviewed proposals and adopted the following projects: collecting data on childcare subsidies’ effects on family self-sufficiency; greater cross-agency collaboration for systems involved youth; college & career readiness through transitional math and alternative high school equivalency (HSE) credentials; and statewide community-based mentoring network. Project leads and teams are forthcoming. In addition, the Cabinet approved the motion to develop the Governor’s Cabinet Youth Commission that will be comprised of persons ages 14 to 25 representing the youth voice of the state agencies involved.

December 7, 2017

You can find details and materials from the meeting here.

The Cabinet discussed the data dashboard going live on their website to track the indicators they have identified. The Cabinet is working on data relevant to their projects and predicative data. There is no health data at the moment while the Governor’s office works around HIPAA issues. The Cabinet also discussed possible new projects to pursue including projects related to building positive adult connections, children’s mental health, and community systems. Members also highlighted the importance of incorporating youth voice in their work.


September 7, 2017

You can find details and materials from the meeting here.

The meeting included a presentation and panel on early workforce development.