Nonprofit Management

Providing high-quality programming to youth is the top priority of afterschool programs. While afterschool programs are striving to deliver these high-quality services, strong financial operations are essential to delivering and sustaining high-quality services.

Nonprofit organizations need strong financial management to ensure they can deliver the best services possible to the youth and families who depend on them. Weak financial management can keep programs from accessing grants, planning realistically, and doing all they can to fulfill their mission.

That’s why the Wallace Foundation, which supports efforts to improve afterschool programming for youth, became interested in helping address this challenge. Wallace worked in conjunction with Fiscal Management Associates (FMA) to launch a website,, offering afterschool nonprofits a range of free tools, articles, reports and other resources that FMA has identified as particularly useful to organizations that want to develop their financial skills.

The resource tools focus on four overarching themes of fiscal management:

  • Planning,
  • Monitoring,
  • Operations, and
  • Governance

Additional tools are available here and here from the National Afterschool Alliance.