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RPSA January Blog: Expectations for the Quarterly Meetings

On December 12th of 2023, ACT Now hosted virtually the second quarterly meeting of FY24 for the RPSA Youth Development Services (YDS-2775) and Youth Development and Intervention Services (RYDIS-3007). In the spirit of growth and collaboration our blog this month will cover some new expectations for Quarterly Meetings moving forward. 

New Expectations for Quarterly Meetings

Quarterly Meetings are information-rich events, filled with updates from the field, upcoming professional development opportunities, and RPSA initiatives. To guarantee that all participants benefit fully from these meetings, we have established a new attendance threshold. Moving forward, agencies will be required to attend a minimum of 75% of the Quarterly Meeting duration to receive attendance credit. This requirement ensures that you receive all the essential information needed to successfully manage your program. 

We understand that circumstances may arise preventing your attendance and to address this, we have established a system to accommodate missed meetings. Agencies without a representative at the Quarterly Meeting, or representatives attending for less than 75% of the meeting, will be required to complete the Quarterly Meeting Course in ACT Now’s Center for Afterschool Learning (ANCAL) within 60 days of course assignment. This policy is for not just RPSA, but all ACT Now professional development opportunities. For example, for our Q2 Quarterly Meeting on December 12, the ANCAL course was live by December 13, and the due date for credit was February 11, 2024. 

Emphasizing Active Engagement

In addition to this new policy, the RPSA team wants to emphasize another expectation that is one of our foundational norms: Active Engagement. Actively engaging enhances your learning experience and the experience of your fellows. When you are attending a quarterly meeting, especially a virtual one, it is vital that you maintain an active presence in the meeting, especially in opportunities for networking. You cannot benefit from the expertise of your peers if you are not present or engaged enough to receive it. We encourage all participants to take time during the quarterly meeting to fully engage with the materials at hand. This might mean having your camera on if possible, sharing in the chat, coming off mute, especially in break-out rooms, participating in online polls, etc. 

As we continue through Quarter 3, be on the lookout for the registration for our third Quarterly Meeting which will take place in person. This is an exciting opportunity to connect, share, and learn together.