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RPSA July Blog!


Welcome to the new fiscal year! We are very excited to take a moment to review our role as your RPSA Training, Technical Assistance, and Support (TTAS) Provider.  As your TTAS provider, we offer support in various areas including grant compliance, networking opportunities, and training and professional development. We offer training opportunities in a variety of modes, including in-person trainings, virtual webinars, and recorded presentations. Below are a couple of resources you can use to access our training opportunities. 

Training Calendar  (TT)

The Fiscal Year 2024 RPSA Trainings and Professional Development calendar is where RPSA grantees can find professional development opportunities, Quarterly Meetings dates, and events hosted by various RPSA Training Technical Assistance and Support (TTAS) providers. RPSA grantees can attend any of these events for free, no matter their chosen Technical Assistance and Support provider. Events are color-coded based on the content area listed at the bottom right of the page. Some events are required based on the deliverables of the grant.

To access the Fiscal Year 2023 RPSA Trainings and Professional Development calendar click here.

If there is a training you are interested in, click on the title of the training to register for the event. You can also click on the hosting organization’s name and go to their homepage. For example, if you click on an ACT Now training title you will be redirected to our online learning management system, ACT Now Center for Afterschool Learning  (ANCAL) where you can register for the event. 

What is ACT Now Center for Afterschool Learning (ANCAL)?

ACT Now’s Center for Afterschool Learning, otherwise known as ANCAL is a free online learning and training platform available to all afterschool and out-of-school-time professionals throughout Illinois! Through ANCAL, learners are able to view live and pre-recorded professional development trainings, access resources that accompany courses, and so much more!

ANCAL allows you to access information on ACT Now professional development opportunities via the event calendar, where you are able to register for upcoming events in real-time! In addition to access to live trainings, ANCAL provides learners with access to pre-recorded trainings through the course catalog. In addition to trainings and materials developed by ACT Now, ANCAL also offers hundreds of trainings that use independently vetted curricula in a variety of content areas that are made available to you as well! 

It’s important to note that in order to attend any ACT Now training or events, event registration must be completed through ANCAL and requires an account. Click here to register for a free ANCAL account and learn more about the upcoming events that ACT Now has to offer! 

For training technical assistance, please contact Tyrone Taliaferro ( or Kasey Brown (