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RPSA May Blog!

RPSA May Blog!

Over the last decade, ACT Now has provided trainings, consultations, and professional development on the Illinois Afterschool Quality Standards Framework. One of the primary philosophies we sought to teach was continuous quality improvement. Therefore, we are incredibly excited to present a ‘Reintroduction to the Illinois Afterschool Quality Standards Framework Training’.   

 Starting with this reintroduction, ACT Now will host a variety of unique Standards trainings that will allow afterschool providers access to a common language around quality and offer hands-on opportunities to engage with the Framework. By participating in our trainings, providers will engage in a quality community that seeks to impact out-of-school time programming and move the needle for positive youth development throughout Illinois.    

With the support of the ACT Now Quality Committee and grassroots focus groups with providers, this training has been designed virtually and can be freely accessed at any time and by any provider. This training is available TODAY through our free, online learning management system, ACT Now Center for Afterschool Learning (ANCAL).   Please make sure you are a registered ANCAL learner, if not, click here to register for ANCAL today!  To access and attend the ‘Reintroduction to the Illinois Afterschool Quality Standards Framework Training’, click here

Please note that in order to move forward with additional Standards trainings, providers must attend the Reintroduction to the Illinois Afterschool Quality Standards Framework Training first as a prerequisite. This applies to all, regardless of having attended a previous ACT Now Standards training.  We look forward to supporting you through your quality journey!