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RPSA October Blog: The 3R Model of Workforce Planning

For October’s blog post we are going to provide a brief overview on ACT Now’s newest training series, The 3R Model of Workforce Planning. Many programs have expressed that turnover in the field has been a consistent challenge. ACT Now listened to program providers and developed a training series that provides strategies to combat employee turnover.

Through the 3R model, ACT Now provides strategies and best practices for employee transitions, recruiting and onboarding new staff, and retaining quality staff.

ACT Now’s hope is that the field will take advantage of this training series, focusing on workforce planning strategies and that participants will utilize the resources provided as a guide throughout the various phases of the cycle of employment. 

The first training in the series was Reset, which was hosted on Wednesday, June 21st, 2023. The Reset session offered participants an idea of what an effective offboarding process looks like, how to leverage exit interview data to better the organization, and how to properly plan for employee transitions. Participants left this training with an example of exit interview questions and an Employee Transition plan developed by ACT Now. The resources and recording of this training are available on ANCAL.

The second training in our 3R series was Recruit, also available on ANCAL. This session was hosted on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023. In this session, ACT Now facilitated a panel to discuss the important stages of recruitment and best practices for recruiting new staff. Attendees were provided a sample interview question guide to assist during the interview process. Participants also received the New Hire Orientation Toolkit which was developed to support leadership in effectively onboarding and orienting new staff.

The last session in our 3R Model of Workforce Planning is the Retain model. This third session will be hosted on Wednesday, October 11th 2023 at 10:00am – 11:30am. During this session, we will discuss how organizational culture, professional development and advancement and other factor affect employee retention. Participants will hopefully leave this training with an understanding of retention strategies that encourage long-term staff employment and reduce turnover rates. To join us in our last session , please register through ANCAL.