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July RPSA Blog: RPSA YDS 2775 and RYDIS 3007 Overview

For this month’s RPSA blog, ACT Now will share a brief overview of the grants we provide Training, Technical Assistance, and Support to. Going into this new fiscal year, ACT Now will provide Technical assistance (TA) on RPSA YDS (2775) and RYDIS (3007) grants. Agencies from both grants will have the opportunity to network and share resources at trainings, quarterly meetings, and events. Grantees who selected ACT Now as their Training, Technical Assistance, and Support provider (TTAS) can attend all ACT Now trainings and receive resources and support for free!

Although opportunities under these grants will be available to both RPSA YDS 2775 and RYDIS 3007 grantees it is important to note key differences between the two.

The RPSA Youth Development Services grant (2775) or RPSA YDS 2775 was developed to provide youth ages 11-18 with safe spaces that guide them toward educational success, help youth learn social and emotional learning skills, and promote positive decisions. RPSA YDS 2775 grantees are also required to participate annually in the Illinois Quality Program Self-Assessment (IL-QPSA). This self-assessment tool will allow providers the opportunity to assess their program’s performance and utilize information to make data-driven decisions to improve programming and maximize positive outcomes for staff, youth, and families.

The Reimagine Youth Development & Intervention Services grant (3007) or RYDIS 3007 is a grant for Chicago-based providers, that seeks to reduce firearm violence through evidence-based behavioral health services and economic opportunities in communities. RYDIS 3007 grantees provide services to youth and young adults ages 11-24. Unlike RPSA YDS 2775, RYDIS 3007 grantees are not required to participate in the IL-QPSA but are welcome to join the process starting September 2023.  

While there are some differences, all Reimagine grantees have access to professional development from any of the RPSA Training, Technical Assistance, and Support Providers. Grantees are highly encouraged to work with their community Convener who provides focused support for community needs and bridge resource gaps as they occur. If you need support in identifying your Convener, please do not hesitate to reach out to ACT Now. 

To provide information and clarity for each grant, ACT Now is currently developing a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) form for both the RPSA YDS 2775 and RYDIS 3007 grants. The FAQ forms will be published via ACT Now’s Newsletter. The RPSA YDS 2775 FAQ form will be published early August, and the RYDIS 3007 form will be published shortly after. These pages will address questions that are frequently asked by Reimagine grantees. We are excited to share a resource for individuals who are new to these Reimagine grants or for those in need of a refresher about RPSA or RYDIS grant requirements. Stay tuned!