Community Schools in Illinois

An Effective Strategy to Address Equity, Health, and Academics in Our Schools

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Community schools are public schools that partner with families and community-based organizations to provide well-rounded educational opportunities and supports for students’ school success. In Illinois, community schools can be found throughout the state and the model continues to gain traction and expand.

Over the past several months, ACT Now has collaborated with community schools to develop a report on their impact. ACT Now is excited to share our findings on these effective partners and holistic support systems with you!

On October 6, 2020, we hosted an event to release this report and to give people the opportunity to hear from community schools providers themselves as they describe the diverse actions they took to respond to their youths’ and communities’ needs relating to COVID-19 and racial injustice.

To watch the recording of our virtual discussion of our research and hear from Representative Theresa Mah, Joie Frankovich (WeGo Together for Kids – West Chicago), Amber Brooks (Youth Guidance – Chicago), and Rebecca Kinsey and Laura Beavers (The Baby Fold – Bloomington-Normal), click here.

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